Pretty BBW Victoria

I’m so ecstatic you decided to come on a journey of pleasure filled fun with me. So we can have an equally enjoyable time in each others company please take a few minutes to review some basic, Need To Knows to ensure your time with me is wonderful from start to finish…

♥ Please Arrive Freshly Showered And Well Groomed As I Will Be For You. Due To Certain Reasons If This Is Not Possible Please Let Me Know As I Have A Shower And Necessities Available. ( As This Is Completely Your Choice, But It May Limit Your Options For Fun)

♥ Please Leave Appreciation in PLAIN Site. I Will Not Discuss Rates As I Make Them Visible In Another Tab On My Site Or Have Been Previously Discussed. Please Do Not Create An Awkward Situation Where I Need To Request It.   Makes Everything So Unreal And Uncomfortable, For You And Myself.

♥ Everything Is For My Time, My Companionship, Im Here To Give You A Smile Or Laugh After A Long Hard Day At Work. I Do Not Discuss Services over the phone EVER ~ Please look through my website for services/menu/rates

♥ A Few Things I Enjoy ~ If You Are A Man Bearing Many Gifts   ~ M.A.C makeup, sexy outfits from Torrid (size 4) sexy panties from Torrid also a (size 4), i love perfumes  (MRS DIOR) by Christian Dior or Coco Chanel by Chanel ~I loveeee Gucci, Louis Vuttion ,Michael Kors purses and accessories etc ....p.s i love chocolate

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